In this 45 minute appointment, our Naturopathic Doctor will meet with you one on one to help you form some tangible goals and a personalized healthy living plan. This appointment is crucial to beginning those first steps in your healing journey. After working together through a body system assessment, you will build a healthy living plan together to begin your journey to success! This plan will include supplement recommendations, potential dietary changes, self-care routines, and more, individualized to YOUR specific needs and concerns. 


Follow-ups are a continued guidance through the building blocks of your healing journey. During this 45 minute appointment, you will meet with our Naturopathic Doctor and discuss any concerns or questions you may have. You will also both work through your Healthy Living Plan to see what changes or possible new recommendations would be helpful for your own unique body and journey to finding balance. 


Iridology is the study of the iris to determine which areas in the body may be struggling or experiencing greater weakness and need extra support. Through this non-invasive exam, our Dr will take a picture of each of your eyes to exam and assess. She will then send you your results along with recommendations to begin the journey of focusing on the weaknesses she found in your eyes. This exam is entirely based on the comfort level of each client and is included with every consultation. However, it is not a requirement.


Skype sessions available upon request!

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